The Parisian festival for electronic cultures spreads its flamboyant wings on July 7 & 8 in the Parc Floral’s Warehouse, a resolutely magical setting. 2 nights out of time to experience the constantly renewed ebullience of electronic cultures, from music to visual arts.


Hidden in the heart of the largest woods in Paris, the Grande Halle of the Parc Floral is a huge Baltard architecture industrial Warehouse that holds two large dancefloors lightened up by glass canopies. It is thanks to the particular topography of this human-sized venue that the audience can be very close to the artists. In outdoor areas, there is a forest where one can play and dream, a laboratory pavilion that shelters a nightclub, a ciné-club with documentary screenings & talks, a chill-out space where one can unwind and recharge, and a “street” with bars and food trucks where one can grab something to drink and eat (the night is young)!


After more than 50 WELOVE events in the last 10 years, gathering between 2000 and 15000 people in odd and unusual venues in the French capital, since the secretive We Love Acid and Aphex Twin’s performance at Palais de Tokyo, the wild nights at Aquaboulevard, the parties at the Grand Palais in the middle of contemporary artworks (Kapoo, Buren, Veilhan…), the integration of digital art to the dancefloor (1024 architecture, Superbien…) and also experiencing the heart of nature with festival We Love Green, we wanted a large-scale electronic music festival and in 2013, the Parc Floral rose to the challenge in order to become the Peacock Society’s extraordinary backdrop.


For the very first time, a pavilion that will be used as the festival’s chill-out area, within it is a screening and conference room with 400 people capacity equipped super plushy seats and the comfort of darkness. All night long, documentaries and films portraying electronic cultures will be shown: documentaries, music videos, movies, UFOs. And there will be talks to get to better know the artists on the bill before seeing them play on stage.


Since its creation, We Love Art is full of innovations with a very accomplished technological universe around each stage, in collaboration with teams from Superbien, All access design, and Franz & Fritz, the specialists of visual creation. With each new edition of the festival, a visual and audio-reactive show is deployed on 3 dancefloors. A metamorphosis with an immersive sound, video and light installation that creates the perfect harmony for total immersion. Tasked with lights and sound design this summer, bona fide contemporary lightshow geniuses Superbien and Access All Design and their visual and sensual technologies will be in total osmosis with the dancefloor culture they’ve grown up with.