Our prevention advice

ALL BAGS ARE BANNED! At the request of the Police Prefecture and as required by the current reinforced Vigipirate security plan, any kind of bag, tote bag, fabric backpack or sports bag is banned on the festival site. Only purses, bumbags or small-sized handbags are allowed. Come dance lightly!

A HELMETS ONLY DEPOSIT (MANDATORY) is located outside of the festival, close to the Rond-Point de la Pyramide.



Adresse ADDRESS ­: Route du champ de manoeuvre ­ 75012 ­ Paris

Metro METRO : LINE 1 direction « Château de Vincennes » Last Stop.

RER RER : RER A to « Vincennes » station

Bus BUS : Line 112 direction Château de Vincennes or ‘Parc Floral & Stade Léo Lagrange’ stop

velo VÉLIB : vélib’ station near : ­ Station N°12124 ‘Route de L’artillerie’ / Station N°12125 ‘Pyramide’, entry of Parc Floral

ATTENTION : No bike parking.


Be a dancefloor Gentleman 😉

Respect the DJ like your family, the venue like your home, your neighbors like your friends.

The best way of going through a compact dancefloor: move slowly, one hand on the shoulder to indicate that you are crossing…one does not cut through the crowd by pretending they’re the only people in the world!

Don’t litter either indoors and outdoors. Waste sorting trashcans and pocket ashtrays are at your disposal (ashtrays may be collected at bars and cashless stalls).

Leave the markers at home and don’t fondle the fire alarms!!

Respect & have fun


The Peacock Society is an opportunity to celebrate lovely summer weather with the crème de la crème of electronic culture. You will live joyful moments full of togetherness with those that you love and those that you will love. The Peacock Society gang is looking out for you, but don’t forget to look out for your friends. Because we love you…

Our tips for a good time

As a relentless dancer, it is important to take precautions to stay in shape and heat the dancefloor up right until the end of the night, worry-free: look out for your friends! Stay attentive to their state and keep everyone informed if you split up. Think about agreeing on a meeting point, signs and partners stalls can help your orientation.

Earplugs are at your disposal, don’t hesitate to use them if you want to be a dancefloor veteran. Set yourself a limit on the number of drinks you have, refresh yourself and also plan to eat a nutritious meal before going out. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Dehydration is usually the cause of many dizzy spells. Listen to your body. The warmth of warehouses can take you to a tropical atmosphere. The solution is to drink water.

Services for your security

Of course, the Red Cross will be on site for the event.


As a reminder, the applicable law in France is also in effect on the festival site: drunk driving, consuming intoxicants and any other infraction or offense are prohibited. You can find all the practical information you need to come fully prepared to the festival on our site

…and awareness raising

Faced with different kinds of excessive consumption, Peacock Society reaches out to Fêtez Clairs in order to set up an awareness raising and information stall. Participants are focused on hearing out clubbers in order to help them to better manage the risks linked to partying and to convey to everyone the information and advice most adapted to their personal experience;

To get more information on risks linked to partying (alcohol, drugs, sexuality, road safety, auditory risks, etc.) and to access prevention material (condoms, breathalyzers, ear plugs);

To dialog with members of non-profit organizations and to participate in workshops;

Resting, if one doesn’t feel well;

Asking for help in case of a dizzy spell; excessive inebriation, injury, etc.


An upgraded production in terms of security…

Following the events of November 2015, security will be intensified: there will be as many festival goers welcomed on site as during the summer edition (which welcomes 30 000 people over two nights as opposed to 10 000 people over one night for the winter edition). The audience traffic flows will be managed differently, in accordance with the new dispositions of the Vigipirate plan. The public will be encouraged to show up with no bags in order to make entry more fluid and a special line devoted to people with bags who will need to be searched by security agents will be implemented.

#1 Reinforced Vigipirate plan / #2 Systematic checks at gates with body searches / #3 Dog handlers deployed around the site / #4 Systematic visual checks of the audience / #5 More security agents on site

…that includes committed innovation!

Since 2013, the City of Paris opens up the doors of the Parc Floral for us, a one-of-a-kind backdrop for one night of partying in an idyllic setting. Since the very first edition, we’ve adopted an eco-responsible stance, as a part of a process of constant improvement and production optimizing. Many installations are on site so that it doesn’t get spoiled, inspired by the experience and expertise acquired by We Love Green (a COP21 labeled festival for its trailblazing commitment).


Entrance is prohibited to minors. Management retains right of entry.

Earplugs will be available at the Info point (located inside the warehouse) and in small quantities at the festival’s bars.

Water is freely available in lavatories and sold at bars.

No, festival goers cannot come to the festival with their own food.

Three delicious Food Trucks are scattered on the festival site.

HUTCH will serve their hot dogs, NYKOS their delicious Greek wraps & COUSIN MOUTON their grilled sandwiches.

Payment with cashless wristbands.

No, any exit is final.

The Peacock Society offers a cancellation insurance in order to face unexpected impediments, through its ticketing partner Digitick (insurance box must be ticked when purchasing a ticket).

In order to prevent black market scalping, The Peacock Society has implemented a ticket exchange.

It is not recommended to attempt entering the festival with a ticket bearing a different name from the person using it. If you’ve bought a ticket on zepass, only the barcode will be scanned and checked.

Friday 7 July: gates open at 8pm, festival closes at 7am

Saturday 8 July: gates open at 8pm, festival closes at 7am.

The festival is able to welcome people with reduced mobility (they will be accompanied from their arrival, however, there is no raised platform in front of the stage).

To organize your visit, you may write to

Plan on coming early in order to avoid long queues at the entrance. Live sets and DJs will begin as soon as gates open at 8pm on Friday and Saturday. You will also be able to enjoy the many foodtrucks and different workshops on the festival.

By regularly visiting the festival’s website,, in our Newsletter or in real time on our social media (Facebook, Twitter).

If there are last minute modifications for the festival, we will do everything to make sure you are informed.